Friday, July 28, 2006


Stephanie had these on her blog and I think they are just so adorable that I had to post about them too.

And I'm pretty sure these are the same kinda ones that Marianne was wearing on Sydney when we were camping May24. Hers were purple and oh so cute!

Here's the website

There are so many different designs... I'm in love with them all. There are rocking horses, peas in a pod, butterflies, rubber duckies, elephants, watermelon, snails, dragons, ladybugs, ice cream cones, etc. etc. Any of the cute little designs you could possibly think of.

And you know they must be cool when Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts & Heidi Klum are wearing them on their babies (not that it should make a difference what the "stars" wear but it certainly shows the success of these gorgeous little booties).

And most importantly, gotta love supporting a great Canadian company created by a mom with a problem and lots of creativity!

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