Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pregnancy Update

Well, so far this week I've had a couple of pregnancy trials. We really got a scare on Monday morning and had to go to the hospital. But thankfully bloodtests and an ultrasound showed that all is well and baby is healthy and happy. Also, some cramping today but I'm told that's "normal" as long as there's no bleeding. I guess my uterus is really starting to stretch and grow now. Today is probably the first day that I've had that bloated/like I've gained weight feeling. Oh the craziness that will be happening to my body. Again, it's exciting but yet scary all at the same time.

Great news: I just found out that two college friends of mine, Kerri and Amanda, are BOTH due in September with their first babies. Kerri is having a girl and Amanda is having a boy. Wow! So Exciting! I wish them both congrats and all the best with the new little ones. It's been so long since I've seen them both (2 years in fact) so it would be really wonderful to find a way to get together when the babies come along.

On a completely different subject, totally gotta agree with Christa on the "Sexyback" song by Justin Timberlake. Really cool. Hey Christa, I actually heard it for the first time driving to work with Kristen last Friday.

And lastly, we were supposed to go to the Toronto Zoo this Saturday but dearest hubby decided to ditch me and agreed to play in a softball tournament in Orangeville. I'm not impressed at all that he's cancelling our date, especially since it's forever since I've been to the zoo and I was really looking forward to going. And you know what he said when I was upset, "Well it's not every weekend that I get to play softball, I see you every day" AHHHH!!! Can you believe that?! I told Christa today that we were backing out and said, "I swear if he had a scrawny neck I would have wrung it." But oh well, whatever, I guess him being passionate about softball is better than him not being passionate about anything...BOYS!!! UGH!!!


Quirky Christa said...

I'm so disappointed you're not going to the zoo with us :(

Stephanie said...

Very glad that everything is okay.