Saturday, July 22, 2006

"The Me Blog" Challenge #4

Christa first brought my attention to THE ME BLOG. She was reading Leslie's Blog (we discovered her blog because of Tara) lol...what a circle...anyways, I've been wanting to post a layout for a challenge and I just couldn't resist this week, I had so many ideas floating through my head and so many pictures and stories from my parents. This is my submission:

Journalling reads:
I've "interviewed" my Mom time and again, especially regarding her childhood. So much so, in fact, that she will ask me, "Are you writing a book about me?" Perhaps I won't write a book, though I'd like to try one day, but mostly I just want to remember. Unfortunately her life, for the most part was not one full of "favourite memories". Rather my mother's story is mostly filled with sorrow and hardships. She even admits to having "blocked out" many of the details. But for the details she remembers I have made plenty of scribbled "jot" notes in my journal:
*Small fishing village in Newfoundland. Isolated. No road out of town until 1958.
*Her Dad diagnosed with Leukemia in 1961. Salvation Army officers would visit when he was sick.
*Committed to God in final months of his life.
*He died in 1962 at the age of 38. My Mom was only 10 years old.
*August 21/63: Attended funeral. Rained. Salvation Army cemetary on the hill.
*Younger brother only a few weeks old.
*Social Services in those days = No help!
*Had to cut own wood - green wood, had to dry it in the oven, would smoke out the house.
*Their house? No bathroom, 3 bedrooms, no living room.
*No Food! People in town would try to help them and scrounge up food for them to eat.
Grandparents lived next door - no help! Not welcomed.
*Holes in Shoes.
*Mother went to St. Johns' for surgery on a brain tumour summer of '62.
*Lived with Aunt Pansy and Aunt Betty.
*Couldn't be a child anymore. Had to take care of 5 younger siblings.
*Life Not Easy!

I know I'm supposed to give credit to the scrappin supplies I've used on this page but I have no idea. I just have so much miscellaneous scrap items in my little room, I just take em out and use them, and haven't the slightest clue who the designers are. What I can say is this - almost all of my supplies have been bought at Michaels or at or the wonderful dollar store.

Thanks for looking,

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Quirky Christa said...

You did a great job! Makes me want to cry cause my childhood was so awesome! Your mom is definitely a soldier.