Friday, July 21, 2006

Hodge Podge

I'm stealing Christa's title but it's really a good one for my post to fill you in on a variety of details:

Midwives: I just received the call today from the Midwifery office saying they have an opening for me. My first appointment with them will be August 21st. There are two midwives assigned to each person - mine are Shirley and Cathy (I've met them both but I honestly don't remember Shirley at all...Cathy I remember from Olivia's birth). A big relief to now know I won't need to be searching for an obstetrician and worrying about the prenatal care of our baby.

Camping at Earl Rowe: Finally, I've convinced Jamie to go camping with Jenn and Christa and the boys this weekend. It'll just be for Saturday night since he has softball tonight but it's better than nothing.

Lobsters: My sister brought me back, for my birthday, yummy lobsters from Newfoundland on Wednesday. They were so frikkin good! YUM! And the girls gave me some cute presents too - at the insectarium they bought me a necklace that has a real beetle in it. It's orange and creeps me out yet fascinates me at the same time. They also gave me "frog" scrapbook stickers and Erykah made me a cut-out heart and coloured it with bingo dabbers....very cute :)

Kitty: Jamie has officially taken over the duty of changing the kitty litter since it's forbidden and very dangerous to do that whilst prego. He's not too keen on the chore and last night looked absolutely hilariously ridiculous as he wrapped a big towel around his face in an effort to not be grossed out. LMAO!

Stewart and Janet: Guy here at work just told me his wife has stomach cancer. He said she has to have surgery soon to remove the stomach for her best chances. They're quite a strange couple, I have to say, but it seems all they really have is each other. He's very upset and honestly the thought of one without the other just seems cruel. And so I ask for your prayers for them both during this difficult time.

Yogurt: I really don't like it at all and I'm supposed to be eating it. I've tried a couple flavours that I think I could stomach enough to get it down. Now, I like frozen yogurt. Does anyone know if that's equally as good for you as regular yogurt or if it's simply just as evil as ice cream?

Wedding Photos: Now that we've been married nearly a year, I finally did some enlargements and have them framed for our living room wall. They're not up there yet, just sitting propped against the wall but ya gotta give me credit for the slight bit of

Maternity Clothes: I don't need it yet but when the time comes I'd rather not spend a fortune. And everyone I know who's currently pregnant, is much skinnier than me (wait...I'm not skinny at all, in fact, not even close) and I therefore cannot borrow clothes from them. My sister has a few things but not much really since she let a friend borrow some and then didn't get it back...and she also used to wear a uniform to work and didn't require a lot of maternity attire. Any suggestions to keep within a cheap budget for clothes when I get that big baby belly?

*Warning: Jamie, do NOT read the following cause you're just gonna be annoyed at me for mocking "Hynes"...*

Name Change: Gotta legally get that done. I promised Jamie I'd do it before we have a baby. Never thought I'd have such a hard time leaving "Goosney" behind but I guess I just didn't think I'd be changing to a last name synonymous with ketchup. I mean, I like ketchup and everything but never envisioned myself being named after it. Oh well, such is life I suppose.

Scrapbooking: Watch for my next post which I plan to be my first submission to THE ME BLOG weekly layout challenge.

Bye for now!


Angie said...

Hey Mynra, I thought I saw some kind of used goods store somewhere in Brampton when I was there that just carried baby stuff and maternity clothes - I could be wrong but for some reason I think it's on the same road as the Newfie Store(?).Maternity clothes barely ever gets worn out so a store like that could be worth a try. Trust me though, I know what you mean. I'm just about to the point where I need maternity clothes but don't want it to cost a fortune and unfortunately I know of no one who I could borrow from -especially here. Just be thankful that you can go out and buy it yourself and not have to rely on a very good friend to do it for you. Thank God for Jennifer! Always, congrats on the baby!

Angie said...

Sorry, I meant to say "Anyways, congrats on the baby!" My brain seems to have gone on vacation today. :)

Quirky Christa said...

I eat Minigo's I know they're technically for kids but since they're mostly cheese I get the good benefits of yogurt without the yuckiness.

I can't believe you've had time to scrapbook especially to post it on the ME Blog, I'm so excited for you. I really need to get my butt in gear.

Stephanie said...

I don`t think frozen yogurt is as good for you because it doesn`t have the same numbers of live bacterial cultures. ( I rally like Danone Creamy-tastes like a dessert)

I also took a while to change my name-not that there`s anything wrong with Mckenzie-I was just attached to Mercer)