Sunday, July 23, 2006

Here's to Many More

A year ago today it was just clearing up from raining very heavily and making me worry slightly (that may be an understatement) over having our ceremony on the beach. Red Clay up to the Wazoo, a stuck-in-the-mud catering van, Tara's hubby becoming a chaffeur for guests in our SUV to avoid more cars getting stuck in the mud, Bridesmaids making sure they had a sweater in tow for their sundresses, and a nervous giddy bride later, and we were enjoying a sunny sandy PEI 6:00 wedding. Dad prayed for it (the sun) for me and I know from experience that God answers those prayers :) No Joke!

Jamie and I just came home from camping a couple of hours ago, we were napping as the phone rang and mom's voice says, "Happy Anniversary!" and believe it or not, I was like, "Oh my GOODNESS!!!" because Jamie and I had completely forgotten!!! AAAHHHH!!! Mom laughed at us and said, "um, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing!" (Thanks Mom for the reminder). I guess we may be off to a really great start of years with no gifts/no cards/not even a thought to our very important date. Regardless honey, thanks for a great year, you're wonderful and I love you, here's to many more happy ones to come, and a healthy baby to join us next year!


Quirky Christa said...

Oh my goodness I forgot too! Happy Be-lated Anniversary!

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary!!

dafrhug said...

Happy Anniversary!!