Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Starting Young: Pole Dancer

Jamie had a ball tournament on the weekend so we spent most of our time at the ballpark. And after they lost on Sunday morning, we were all chillin' in the "beer tent" and having hotdogs and such when Grayson, our niece, decides to climb up on the picnic table and starts "dancing" with the patio umbrella. It was hilarious! There she is pulling herself up and sliding down and wrapping her legs around the pole and being all silly. She's so super cute, I just couldn't stand it and had to grab a couple of shots.

She's 22 months old, by the way.


Quirky Christa said...

I love that last black & white picture of her. Adorable!

Stephanie said...

Very cute-love the name Grayson too.

dafrhug said...

lol, too cute.